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Artificial Affections 1x1 [Seeking RP Partner]

Ive been wanted to roleplay this for a loooong time, and I really really want to roleplay with someone who is really good, and who is really into it. So, I will be posting the first post, and if you read it, and you're interested, please feel free to email me a reply post in PM, and hop right into the story with me! Don't worry if you think the position has already been filled, I'd be interested in seeing how many different storylines I can make with my darling android.

I'd prefer a male x male rp, and either lazy lit or adv. lit is fine with me~

The general plot:
A new line of androids has been developed by an underground company. The workers want to test their handful of new creations to people they trust, or associates with pockets deep enough to afford it. It could be a backer for the program looking to see where his money is going, or a company worker, or a company worker's trustworthy friend. The androids look and act completely human. They are the epitome of technological development. And even better, since the clients are just test running these androids, free warranty and maintenance! In case something goes wrong. The company assures that although they are fit for protection, any malfunction that may possibly target the client as a threat has been debugged. So the client is not in danger. Probably.

This of course means the roleplay is set in the future, so all other things are up to you. Flying cars, houses that talk to you, metal dogs. The main thing here is, that your character, whether dominant or submissive, will be the Master, or caretaker of the android, and somewhere along the way he teaches it humanity, yadda yadda, lovey dovey stuff.
You know the drill.
Basically the scene starts out where two androids are just booting up. Whether this is in a friend's house, or your character's own place is up to you. I'll NPC one of the company workers checking them over, but otherwise, please feel free to add whatever you like!

LINK to the post
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